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Box (finally) shipped for Malanai!

pennywhistle's box was shipped today for the November swap. Let me just apologize again for sending it late. Between being the Thanksgiving holiday and being sick and now having to look for a new place to live all right on top of one another, I just did not get a chance to mail the box. It should (finally) arrive on Monday and I hope you enjoy everything in it. I picked out all the gifts especially for you. Sending lots of love and joy to you! Sara

Packages Received and Sent!

Thanks so much to Neva for the awesome swap package she sent me...and it arrived so early in the month!  I've not been able to get on my computer a whole lot and am actually on my way out the door, but I wanted to acknowledge that her package arrived and was very much appreciated.  

I sent Neva's out on Friday, as well.

Everything was beautifully wrapped:

I had some help opening the presents:

The whole swap:

I thought it was awesome that Neva sent me some of the little cats she makes.  They are even cuter in person:

Next up are some lovely natural skin products.  (I'm not taking the "you stink" thing personally.)

Also, a nice tea to enjoy with some vegan caramels (they have those?!?):

And last, but not least; Neva made me a beautiful flower pendant:

Thank you so much for your generosity during this month's swap.  I hope you like what I sent your way!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

So, just when I had decided that the post office had lost my package or someone had taken it from my porch, I came home from a walk with the girls and found it waiting by the front door. I am absolutely blown away by what morrigane created for me.

I will share it in a moment, but first I want to address what I think is the lop-sided nature of our swap. When I put together my package to send to her, I was pretty proud of it. There wasn't a lot in it, but I handcrafted all but one item and put several hours into it. After seeing what my partner did, though, I feel quite humbled. I have decided that I will be sitting out the next swap and sending a second package to the Great White North to make up for what I feel is a disparity.

OK, on to the good stuff!

I was thrilled to find the package, and it was even more fun to open with my equally-excited three-year-old helping.  Right away, she noticed the cupcake cups, and I believe that some baking is in my very near future.  To go along with that, morrigane included an awesome variety of autumn/Halloween sprinkles (which Dot is currently enjoying on her yogurt).  

Next up was a beautiful candle holder that she painted herself in autumn colors.  It is absolutely beautiful and will add such a warm glow on winter evenings.  

She also hand made a gorgeous sun catcher in autumn colors (that came wrapped in a black bag with spider webs on it...so cute).  It positively sparkles without the sun, so I can imagine it will be breathtaking in the light.  Along those lines, she also created me an amazing beaded and gold necklace.  It's already my new favorite piece of jewelry.  (I'm so sorry the pictures are so blurry, the kids were not being very patient with me while I took them...)

The little canister with the blue lid is loose tea, and I've never seen anything like it.  It's called Glitter and Gold, and it has little gold balls in it that apparently give the tea a golden color (with glitter).  Morrigane recommends drinking it from a clear glass.  There was also a book of autumn photos, and some window clings that spell "Give Thanks" to put in the window for the upcoming holiday.

Finally, there was this banner that she also hand made.  It reads "be grateful," and I definitely am!

Morrigane, this swap was above and beyond.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and positive energy!

Swap received!

What a treat to come home to after a long run! My swap box from lenaperry arrived and was waiting patiently for me to get back home (in the janitors closet... poor swap box!).

2011-10-27 19.38.31.jpg

Grizzly and clouds to cover up addresses so its not roaming around Flickr... and also to scare off Chloe cat, LOL :)

Yes, it smelled good so yes, a cat HAD to check it out. Plus it smells of Canada, which is completely unique to a US-born and raised kitty. Chloe was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally into this bag. ;) Also I opened it with scissors before remembering to take photos. Doh!

goodies inside!Collapse )

Thank you sooooooooooooo much, Lena. Everything is fabulous. I even get to fight Ryan for the k-cups. It's truly an autumn adventure in a box. I cannot wait to take a bath and come out smelling golden like the crisp autumn air. Thank you. <3

ETA: I need to learn HTML all over again apparently. Sorry! :x

ETA #2: I tried one of the coffees last night and it was so smooth and mellow... love love!

Swap really super duper received!

cloverdew outdid herself, is all I'm sayin'. :)

I got a lovely candle and footie fuzzies with jack-o-lantern faces, a Glamourkin, essential oil (Is Herbalist Delight the name of the place? There's a place called that at the MD Rennfaire I go to...), omfg clove chewing gum which I have the hardest time finding, and lavender alongside sleep balm which I so need right now because I feel so gross. D: D: D:

All in all, pretty badass. Thanks again, Sara.

PS - I'm glad you liked the candle holders! I made myself a matching set, and I'm excited to maybe hear how your NaNo story goes? I am a big mythos/storytelling nerd, so your subject is relevant to my interests. *beams*

October Swap Received

Well, after three days of techno-wierdness, LJ appears to be allowing me to post again! So here goes another try at some long overdue swap squee!  I received my swap package from  mermaiden a couple of days ago, and the  things she chose to send were so beautiful and thoughtful! All wrapped in crushed tissue of deep Autumn orange, she sent the gorgeousness pictured below....

There were two beautiful autumn necklaces, and a gorgeous halloween glamourkin....

A beautiful Asian patterned mug and some red raspberry tea....

An exquisite, Victorian style journal....

Warm fuzzy socks in Autumn orange!

Three darling headbands, one with a beautiful peacock style applique,
two with adorable tiny hats!

This marvelous book by George MacDonald (illustrated by Arthur Hughes!)

And not one, but three beautiful scarves/ shawls!

Wrapped in the shawls was the beautiful porcelain mask, which (so I am informed) has a story in it, just waiting to be written.  (I have discovered this to be true, and  can hardly wait to write it!)

... all of these wonderful treasures were tucked in with thoughtful, lovely hand written notes. 

I feel very loved..... and terribly, terribly spoiled!!!

mermaiden, thank you so very, very much, everything is SO beautiful!!

I hope that your package has arrived safely?????

Swap Received!

I got my fabulous swap from ilea yesterday. Pics to come.

Inside the box, I found the most fabulous array of Autumn goodies....

A handmade rune set, shaped like little leaves, in a handcrafted origami box (I can't wait to use them!)
Pralines and coconut chewy from NOLA (the pralines have already been nommmmed)
A handmade dream catcher with the sweetest owl charm
The piece that took my breath -- a windchime from Woodstock Percussives, with lovely autumn leaves. It sounds so amazing.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.....once the camera charges so I can upload the pics, I'll jog my memory.

Thank you so much for a lovely swap!
I'm going to take you on a short amazing journey before revealing to you the amazing plenty that spilled out on my bed. Stage one, I got this awesome e-mail from Rachel (sugarmaplelife) today when UPS dropped off my package, but i still had to wait through the end of my work day, and a trip to my parents, and then driving home. Bounding up my steps, and staring in awe at this gargantuan box on my steps.

I got it into my bedroom and opened up the gargantuan box and found a world of happy, white packing peanuts, and a Box-in-a-Box (Picture). Which I giggled as I pulled off the two inch top layer, transferring it into a trash bag. Until I could free up the new box and open it.

Which led to a pile of autumn wrapped presents! That were gorgeous and totally made me all sorts of excited-nervous at them.

I started with the smaller very wrapped small boxes. Though it's not in this picture, what I opened first was the jar of honey, from makers near her, where she and her son visit the bees. Then the box with a beautiful trinity of small treasures: an autumn themed ornament made from a gourd, a glamourkin reading "the witch distilled her love", and a ball meditative copper (which i keep picking up and rolling around in my hand every twenty or so minutes).

The next small packet contained an autumn theme notepad, spiral, and a tiny book of Thanksgiving Addresses from native Indians translated to English. Which are so amazing. (This is one of the things I was most giddy about when we got matched. Because Rachel is one of those kindred people who I see, also, totally dedicated, to gratitude in your life, at all times.)

I saved the last three huge wrapped ones for last. A little nervously.

I opened them in a specific order and I'm going to talk about that, because I want to share it with her. I went smallest to largest. First I opened the trio of stacked bowls, with the beautiful edges of autumnal patterns. Toying with their ribbon and smiling. And then I go to the second to last, second largest. I could tell it was a book from its heft and shape, but I literally couldn't breathe once I got the paper off. I'd find later in her card a written waffling on this one.

But I teared up at this part of my gift. Running my fingers over the well-worn cover. This is random sort of miracle I can't explain, and something I'm very sure she wasn't aware of. Leaves of Grass, and especially "Song of Myself," is among my very favorite poems. Walt Whitman is my favorite Transcendentalist, and long before I met Rachel, I can still remember the way my backyard smelled the day the sky and the ground opened and I understood and fell in love with Leaves of Grass.

It's one of the reason both my kindles have been named 'Leaves of Grass,' why I still had all my versions. And I'd never in my whole life seen an illustrated version. I didn't even know one existed. I didn't start reading it. But I started petting illustrations throughout it. And tearing up. And I'm not sure I can properly express just how much this really won't be handed off to anyone anytime soon, Rachel.

Already at massively moved, I shifted to opening the very last box, and as a note of hilarity? I don't swear. I can do it for writing. I can do it when I accidentally hurt myself in a massive way. Or apparently when I open up the last box, expecting, I don't know anything but this. And sit there, staring in awe, blushing while my hands are covering my mouth. I've never had a season wheel. It's actually on a rather short list of things I've wanted for longer than I could even count, but never would let myself buy.

The detail is so amazing and the back has eight different hooks so you can turn it as the wheel turns. And I can't stop petting it. And it's going to go above the family/seasonal altar. And I can't believe I have all of these truly, gorgeous beautiful things sitting here on my bed with me, radiating such warmth and love and gratitude and the autumn of shared hearts. My heart is so shiny and overwhelmed tonight with light.

Thank you so, so, so much, dear one.


ilea, I was offline all day yesterday, but your package has shipped. I'll post the conf number as soon as I find the receipt again :) I hope you enjoy everything, and I look forward to my package arriving as well!
catnip13!! I shipped your package today!! I'll edit in the delivery conf. # when I get home ^_^ I hope you enjoy it!


Your package has shipped. And I realized as I handed it to the mailman, I sent you a chocolate bar when you said no caffiene. I feel dumb. I hope you can find a good home for it. I hope you enjoy the rest!

Package on its way!

twelvepetals, your swap is on the way!  I hope you enjoy the goodies!  :-)

Swap Shipped!

Hi aerialmelodies - I shipped your swap out this morning!  Be gentle when opening - I hope also that Canada Post doesn't merrily bash it about.  As you said, international tracking is INSANE, but I do have a receipt and copy of the customs slip if anything untoward should happen.

I hope that you enjoy it and that it is BAMTACULAR.

Swap Box

lenaperry, your box is all packed up and ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow! Ryan's my shipper and he'll see about a tracking number but I think for international it's insane. If he gets it, though, I'll let you know the number! Otherwise I've wished the box well and hope it arrives safe and sound. Be careful when opening - no throwing, kicking, or otherwise lest you find more contents in there than you're supposed to. Same applies to you, post office... hehe. ;)

Posting this early bc I will completely forget to post otherwise (and have a horrifically busy work day ahead, ugh). Hope that's all right! :)

ETA: Cripes is tracking numbers internationally expensive! Well then. No tracking number, but they said 7-10 days arrival. Considering your necklace order from me arrived before one to Colorado, I am hoping this means it will arrive before October is over! ;)


Package Sent!

cloverdew, you should have it by Thursday. :D

Please be careful unrolling the things. They don't bite, but I wrapped them up as best as possible, I promise.

Autumn Swap Box for Mermaiden............

Sarah, Dear, your star-blessed Autumn box was sent out today! I do hope that you enjoy its contents! I so enjoyed choosing things for you and putting the box together.

I cheated and added a little something for you and Jenn....  

"Temple of 12" received

Thank you, lilith42 for sending the "Temple of 12" to me as an extra swap.  "The Artist's Way" is winging it's way to you (shipped last Thursday) and should soon arrive.

I have already read Volume 1, mostly while soaking in two baths Friday and Saturday night, and I very much enjoyed it.  I look forward to reflecting on the colors in the months to come.

Package Is On Its Way!

morrigane, I just want to let you know that your box is in the mail.  I wasn't able to track it, since it's going out of the country.  (Well, to be fair, I could have registered it, but that was an additional $11, and I really couldn't justify it at that point...)  Anyway, I'm hoping I hit the right note with your gifts.  It was a blast creating the package for you!
I never meant this to end up so late, and for that I apologize profusely to twelvepetals, but I had no ability to upload the picture of these beautiful things until I got my laptop back. But they arrived two weeks ago, before my last trip out of town, and it was so amazing. My heart surged so large when I opened the box. And I love all of it so so so much. Thank you for every single piece of it.

- A gorgeous maroon & silver scarf
- A gold & red, double-sided, sari-wrap skirt
- A bag full of fresh lavender
- A lovely mixed music

- A somehow missing from the picture box of Amethyst incense

And the piece that stole my breath. A beautiful, small chakra wall scroll. (Up on my wall, to the side of my Temple of Twelve altar, where I see it all day every day now, too. Thank you will never be a good enough word, my dear.)

My swap from sugarmaplelife arrived and it's beautiful! Please allow me to share. ♥

I'd asked Rachel to do me the favor of introducing me a bit to Isis, as she was our guest of honor at the Manitoba Goddess Festival this year. I felt like I hadn't spent a lot of time getting to know her, despite seeing the parallels between the energy surrounding us and her realm of influence. In response to my request, Rachel sent me -

~* a red handmade notebook
~* two beautiful red and gold bags for treasures
~* bead and gourd bowl
~* a delicious apple cider tea (I swooned over the scent of this!)
~* clay sun token (I swooned again!)
~* a glamourkin charm
~* a beautiful handmade card to be opened last, describing the gifts and energies at work. ♥

Thank you Rachel, for your thoughtfulness, poetic expression, and for making this first swap a lovely experience for me!