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October Swap Received

Well, after three days of techno-wierdness, LJ appears to be allowing me to post again! So here goes another try at some long overdue swap squee!  I received my swap package from  mermaiden a couple of days ago, and the  things she chose to send were so beautiful and thoughtful! All wrapped in crushed tissue of deep Autumn orange, she sent the gorgeousness pictured below....

There were two beautiful autumn necklaces, and a gorgeous halloween glamourkin....

A beautiful Asian patterned mug and some red raspberry tea....

An exquisite, Victorian style journal....

Warm fuzzy socks in Autumn orange!

Three darling headbands, one with a beautiful peacock style applique,
two with adorable tiny hats!

This marvelous book by George MacDonald (illustrated by Arthur Hughes!)

And not one, but three beautiful scarves/ shawls!

Wrapped in the shawls was the beautiful porcelain mask, which (so I am informed) has a story in it, just waiting to be written.  (I have discovered this to be true, and  can hardly wait to write it!)

... all of these wonderful treasures were tucked in with thoughtful, lovely hand written notes. 

I feel very loved..... and terribly, terribly spoiled!!!

mermaiden, thank you so very, very much, everything is SO beautiful!!

I hope that your package has arrived safely?????


Oct. 27th, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
I'm so, so glad you got everything safely and that you love it!!! It was such a pleasure and delight to put together a swap box for one of my favorite ladies in the entire world~ <3333333

I did, but I have been VERY sick--today is the first day I can actually breathe (huzzah!), so I have a lot of catching up to do, while still feeling weak. :) <3 I LOVED it, and can't wait to post about it--hopefully tomorrow or Monday!!!! <33333333


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