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Star Blessed Swap

A Magickal Mail Swap Community

Star Blessed Swap: A Magickal Mail Swap Community
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A monthly postal mail swap community for those chasing a joyful, magickal life.

Star Blessed Swap is a monthly gift exchange community for those living, or seeking, a magickal lifestyle. Each month, members will have the opportunity to sign up for a themed package exchange. During the month, they'll then need to craft, create, purchase, or otherwise compile a collection of gifts for their assigned partner that meets the month's challenge. Post photos and descriptions of the objects you received in return from your partner. By exchanging gifts and sharing of ourselves, a true sense of community celebration, trust, and togetherness can flourish.

Our membership spans many spiritual traditions--from magickal to meditative. What we share in common, though, is a joy and appreciation for life, a respect and reverence for the Earth we live on, and the belief that our actions and attitudes can result in an amazing, joyous, magickal life.

We also know that sharing that beauty, inspiration, and heart in corrugated cardboard packages each month can enrich our lives, help us feel connected to the world and make for some fantastically fun visits to the mailbox!


Star Blessed Swap has moderated membership. We welcome new members in August and April of each year. Prospective members must be at least 18 years old, have active LiveJournal accounts, and demonstrate some common interests and intentions with our existing members. Our goal, through careful and compassionate moderating, is to both protect community members from fraud as well as to nurture a sense of true community within our walls.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Welcome! :)